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NAAAP TD has been established in 2006 (known as GTTA from 1992-2006). This organization has over 1900 members, all with signed contracts of self regulation and rates in the towing industry to protect the monitoring public in Ontario. We have directors through several regions in Ontario to assist our members in their daily business activities and everyday towing industry related issues. NAAAP TD sits in on MTO meetings assisting the MGS Towing Committee in creating and amending regulations for the towing industry.

NAAAP TD is responsible for the creating the fraud deferring program knows as the “Picture Program and User Friendly Accidental Report”. This program mandates all the drivers to photograph the scene of a collision within 1 minute of arrival.

N.A.A.A.P TD has created a CVOR/Towing training program to assist members in obtaining and maintaining the CVOR and update their towing skills. NAAAP TD members are clearly identifiable by the circular sticker found on the vehicle. NAAAP TD deals with customer complaints within 48 hours with 100% success.

NAAAP TD also offers cheaper insurance to its members. For more information please contact.

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  • Toronto, ON , Canada
  • +416 875 2799
  • naaaptd@icloud.com